I'm Kate Anderson.

A Bit About Me​​

I've loved photos and photography for as long as I can remember. I still have my first SLR film camera and remember the excitement of developing a roll of film to see what I'd captured! Today, that same anticipation of looking at each photo to see what moments have been captured is still very much alive. 

Over the years I've completed a number of photography courses and I ensure my equipment is the latest digital photographic equipment available.

Professionally I've been enjoying my job for 6 years (though I did my first photography course 22 year ago). Working in portrait style photography from Family photos, Events and Corporate work and for the past 2 years I've expanded into Realestate photography as well.

My passion is definitely creating beautiful images weather its for your family or for your business.

To me, photos are more than just pictures. 

To families, they are moments in our lives that will be memories forever. Looking back through your memories caught in time and sharing them with your family and friends is truly special.

To businesses, images can create perception, vision and tell your businesses story. So what story are you trying to tell? They say a picture is worth a 1000 words so make sure you are showing your best images to create your concept and illustrate your story.


Courtney Ann - Family

Kate is truly amazing at what she does. We have had two fantastic experiences with her photographing special family moments and I can not recommend her enough. Kate is patient, considerate and welcoming. She made photo shoots with two young children go as smoothly as possible. Kate is approachable and very responsive to any enquires you have. We will continue to use Kate in the future and cherish the moments she has captured for us.​

October 2020.